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Stay Strong and Sturdy

A full upper and lower body workout strengthening muscles, the heart and improving your balance.
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Stay Smart

This class is focused on putting your brain through a workout! Memory techniques and fun games that make you think.

Demo Day 

Each month you will have an opportunity to try something new or see something you may have never seen before. Let's expand our horizons together.

Aging Together

Aging Together is a discussion group for those interested in a thought provoking journey through the experience of aging. This group is for those who are interested in personal growth and development. In July, August and September, we will be hosting a special series called "Changing is Cool" facilitated by H. James Sanchez. James has more than 35 years of experience in designing and implementing human resources and organizational policies and practices. In this class, James applies these business learning concepts to the process of aging and how we change physically, emotionally and mentally. Don't miss it!

Let's Get Social

A gathering for all of our Aging is Cool members. Come make some new friends and engage in interactive activities. We will buy all non-alcoholic drinks, tea and soda. If you want a grown-up drink or a snack, bring a little cash!


Come stretch and relax at this traditional yoga class. Don't forget to bring a mat!

And Much More....

Arts and cultural experiences, outings, walking groups.... the fun goes on and on!