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Aging is Cool offers a variety of cool classes through our membership program and for local community groups and facilities. Most classes can be adapted for those with mobility issues. 

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  1. Flex those mental muscles!
    South Austin, Wimberley
    Our Stay Smart series brings together brain training, physical movements and memory techniques to help you maintain and improve mental functioning. Expect to flex your mental muscles! These classes are fun and challenging, but not frustrating or physically demanding.
  2. Get stronger and more physically fit
    South Austin, Wimberley
    Our most popular program, this all-over workout helps you build strength, improve coordination and balance, and strengthen your heart. A fun workout with music and lots of laughter!
  3. Go out on the town with your AiC family!
    South Austin, Wimberley
    We believe that a key component of staying healthy is staying social. Our social outings give you a chance to make new friends, engage in stimulating conversation, have fun and try out new and interesting venues.
  4. Discussion group on how to thrive as you age
    South Austin
    Aging brings some new challenges and sometimes we just need to talk about it. Our Aging Together program brings you interesting conversations about how to improve your life and let you know that you are not alone in this journey.
  5. A jolly good time!
    South Austin
    Part of our "stay smart" initiative, learn from our experts about different aspects of English history and culture. Subjects have included Downton Abbey, war time rationing, and high tea!
  6. Namaste
    South Austin
    Depending on the group, yoga may be an amazing opportunity for you to stretch and relax. These classes can be modified depending on the group.
  7. Try something new!
    South Austin
    Tap into our database of resources and let us introduce you to highly specialized speakers and skilled personalities to keep you thinking and experiencing new things! This could be an especially knowledgeable presenter, a holiday activity, or an unusual musical performance!
  8. For those impacted by cognitive changes
    South Austin, Wimberley
    These programs are specifically designed for those participants with memory care needs. Classes may include elements such as storytelling, dance, strength, stamina, flexibility, and creativity. If you have any questions about these classes email us at