Facility Programs​​

Support for you and your residents

We know that activity directors are balancing a lot when they are putting together their calendars.  When you are considering the various needs of your valued residents and the core values of your organization, we would like to be there to support you by offering engaging and flexible program options that work with your schedule and your budget. 

We will work with you and your facility directors to find the programs that are uniquely right for your residents.  In addition to our personal approach, all of our fitness instructors are CPR certified and are screened by our background checks.  You can rest easy that your residents are in skilled hands. We also, of course, carry all the necessary insurance.
On the Classes page, you will see some sample programs for our individual members, theses can be brought in and modified to your facilities for a fraction of the cost.  If your residents are self-commuters, then membership options may also be available to them.  Use these for ideas; don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?  Let us know!  We may be able to find the resources you need to meet your objectives. We are here to support you and your residents!
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Our Values...

Our Approach...

- Respect the individual and each person’s strengths and talents;
- Value and promote play, personal growth and learning no matter your age;
- Operate through collaboration and connection allowing all boats to rise;
- Believe that ageism is just as bad as any other “ism”;
- Give back to the community through donations and volunteer opportunities
Aging is Cool has three pillars that we focus our classes and membership around:  staying strong, staying smart, and staying social.  We believe that these three ideas broadly encompass the components needed for fulfilling, active lifestyles for seniors.