The Aging is Cool Consulting Team

Amy Temperley, MA
For over 25 years, Amy Temperley has been called upon time and again to develop relationships and create change in communities and organizations. She is an innovative thinker with a commitment to authentic leadership, problem solving and working within systems to implement change.
From her time as a social worker in nursing homes and home health care, to her leadership roles at the Alzheimer’s Association and managing a $3 million nonprofit agency providing personal attendant services, Amy has seen a little bit of everything. Amy has trained as a PHC administrator as well as an Assisted Living manager and has extensive experience in working with older adults and their families.

Alice Traugott, MS
Alice Traugott has spent her entire career in the nonprofit sector. For more than three decades, she has applied her experience and skills as a compassionate advocate for people who need help navigating life’s pitfalls. Committed to providing quality assurance wherever she’s involved, Alice has handled budgeting, grant writing, outcomes measurement, strategic planning, and volunteer training and recruiting.

Alice has particular expertise in providing program services for disability services, information and referral programs, suicide and child abuse prevention, and services for older adults.

Cindy Dashnaw
For more than 20 years, Cindy Dashnaw has helped businesses craft compelling messaging to support their strategic goals, then weaving them into blogs, fundraising communications, social media, websites, case studies and other communications platforms. She has produced fundraising materials for campaigns that have doubled nonprofits’ year-end totals and written research reports cited by national media. With a background in public relations, she is an expert at making sure messages match an organization’s target audiences. 

Kristen Evon
Kristen Evon spent nearly 20 years in nonprofit development and communications before becoming a designer, so she’s that rare designer who not only understands an organization, but truly feels its passion. Highly skilled in web and graphic design, she also applies her experience to creating websites that helps convert visitors to donors, clients or  volunteers. Kristen can assess a website and make recommendations for a refreshed site or a brand new one … then design it so that when she’s done, staff can easily keep information current.

Koreena Malone, EA, CFE
Koreena Malone knew she wanted to be an accountant at 16, and every position she’s held in her 15-year career has included some aspect of accounting. She has worked for four professional accounting firms and helped numerous nonprofit clients with audits, taxes, consulting and coaching. As an enrolled agent (EA) and certified fraud examiner (CFE), Koreena helps organizations safeguard against risk. She understands the complexities of accounting and budgeting, and can address the questions and concerns that often follow. She likes to say she helps her clients “create meaningful action through fear of the unknown.”

Allyson J. Randall, M.S.
Allyson helps create supportive, dynamic, success-oriented work environments where those courageous enough to take on society’s greatest challenges can thrive. She’s developed innovative, results-driven programs for nonprofits and held a variety of leadership positions in the industry. As a bilingual teacher, parent educator, volunteer coordinator and Head Start director, Allyson has also worked to close the achievement gap and foster systemic change in our school systems.

With her extensive experience designing and leading organizational change and a master's degree in organizational development, Allyson brings a systems perspective to identifying the root cause of a business or nonprofit’s challenges and helps them build strategic partnerships for increased impact and reach.