Meet The Team
  1. Michael Beckman, Fitness
    Michael Beckman
    Fitness Instructor
  2. Tamara
    Tamara Yarborough
    Yoga Instructor
  3. Sarah
    Sarah Bontempo
    Yoga and Brain Training Instructor
  4. Barbara
    Barbara Martin
    Fitness Instructor
  5. Karen
    Karen Pace-Bentley
    Class Instructor
  6. Becky S
    Becky Shidlofsky
    Fitness Instructor
  7. Becky R
    Becky Rhodes
    Class Instructor
  8. Lynn
    Lynn Barton
    Fitness & Class Instructor
  9. Tammy Mills
    Tammy Mills
    Yoga and Class Instructor
  10. Leslie
    Leslie Archambault
    Class Instructor
  11. Amy M.
    Amy Martin
    Yoga Instructor
  12. Amy and Damien
    Damien & Amy Temperley
    Owners and Instructors
  13. Don
    Don Weidemann
    Class Instructor
  14. Ginny
    Ginny Heilman
    Class Instructor
  15. Linda
    Linda Cooper
    Yoga instructor
  16. Debbie Gilmore
    Debbie Gilmore
    Class Instructor
  17. Title
    Heidi Derning
    Class Instructor
  18. Cheryl Goveia
    Yoga Instructor
Want to get involved with Aging is Cool?

Thank you for your interest in providing activities to older adults in our community. Our mission is to get older adults active in stimulating and meaningful activities with the goal of alleviating loneliness, encouraging community engagement, and working toward life-long learning and growth.

At Aging is Cool, we believe in laughing and playing, growing and contributing.

We are always looking for fun, personable, interesting instructors.
Have a class you'd like to offer? Get in touch at [email protected]